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Watches Are Hot

imageWatches Are Hot! Magazines, blogs, sites are all into watches!

I seemed to have forgotten my watch because of my iPhone! Why do I need to see the time if I’m always looking at my phone??

I own two great Cartier watches that I will never replace because they are timeless and may I add expensive! I get the status for men and their obsession and one of the first things I notice on a cool guy! But now, seeing a four page spread in Bazaar, I said wow! Watches Are Hot!

And it’s just not the Rolex, Cartier, Piaget etc. but great looks in affordable watches in every metal you desire! I’m loving the big oversized watches for women that look great at inexpensive prices! Watches have become the fashion accessory of today!

But my favorite and what really caught my eye is the Faubourg by Hermes! The small round face is in a cool saddle stitched wide band that only Hermes can do perfectly! And the classic colors make the decision difficult. You must check out this watch! It will definitely be the piece you keep forever!

For women the watch in the right size is probably all you need! Shop the inexpensive ones to get the look! They all work, tell the time and look terrific! Maybe this will let the iPhone sit idle for a minute while you look at your watch!

Shop Cheap

imageToday I was bored and found this app called Wish! Shop Cheap is putting it mildly!

I have no idea what I ordered because I kept clicking! The average price was $2.00! In not kidding!! I just bought a slouch beanie in gray for $2.00!! But my shopping goes on! I couldn’t resist this gold filled bracelet just to see what it really looks like! And a cool pair of sunglasses for $2.00! I love my Balmains and Burberry’s but these square shaped men’s had too much appeal to resist! I’m not even going to list my other buys because I don’t even think I remember! And to top it all off I get a free leather bracelet just for getting the app!

Okay, I know if I wear one thing it will be a bargain but Shop Cheap was so much fun! If I were to rate the app at this point I would say definitely read the comments posted! The company is loaded with cheap watches for about $4.00! And some of them looked good in the photos but let’s face it for this amount of money I can imagine what they must be in reality!

So now I’m awaiting anxiously to see what I spent about $20.00 on! But it was fun and probably because I couldn’t see in person I just kept clicking! After a while if I saw anything over $3.00 I contemplated! What was I thinking? My salad I ordered for lunch was $16.00!

Now that I discovered this Shop Cheap app I’m getting more apps who want me!! What have I gotten into??

Fashion News

imageFashion News is sometimes good, sometimes bad! But I’m liking many things this time!

The Apple watch is having Hermes design 3 new bands and the look is fabulous! Just think, an Hermes stitched wrap around band on your Apple watch! I never wanted to wear one because they just looked too techy for my style but now I’m excited! The watches will be out in October and I have no idea of the price!! Trust me, Hermes isn’t cheap!

It seems red hair is the Fall News and Sienna Miller has transformed her blonde to a pretty shade of red that I can’t get used to! She would look good in any hair color but somehow in my eyes she has to be a blonde!

Now the next Fashion News has me puzzled because I think I like it! It’s the CarWash skirt! The slit panels are making a comeback but seeing the Dior rendition I took a second look and can visualize it being very sexy and fun!

Fashion News is the midi boot. For my style it’s usually high or booties but a pair of Midi may sneak in. I saw a pair of camel suede for $99 at H&M that looked very wearable and I actually liked them!

We all know by now that the 90’s deep lipstick shades are the it colors for fall. Check out Bobbi Browns deep Bordeaux in Your Majesty. It’s laced with great emollients and editors are calling it a winner!

Fashion News to watch out for is the collection designed for DKNY by the designers of Public School. They definitely will turn this image around!!