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John Galliano

imageJohn Galliano speaks after his racist anti Semitic rants!

John Galliano appeared at a Jewish synagogue in London with Rabbi Marcus. This was a very brave step for John Galliano and deserves forgiveness. You see he was a raging alcoholic and addicted to drugs at that time in his life. He is seeking to rehabilitate his image and deserves that chance.

When Galliano was dismissed from Dior it was a turning point for this eccentric designer. Who could ever forget his outrageous get ups against the brilliancy of his spectacular runway shows! Nobody did it like Galliano! After Dior he did short stints for other design houses but nothing clicked. It was rehab for John Galliano to face his downfall and get him back on track. The Belgian design house Maison Margiela has given him the chance!

The question is will John Galliano be the star he once was? Or does he need the craziness to prove his talent? I personally have always been a fan! His theatrical talent was so special in the world of fashion. And he did set trends when you could filter through the circus of displays. Surprisingly John Galliano has confessed to being very shy. Is t it usually the ones who put on the best show the ones who would probably wish they could just hide?

I hope this is a new beginning for Galliano. He appeared at the London synagogue with his hair neatly pulled back, a conservative grey suit with just a splash of a purple tie. We all make mistakes but that was yesterday. Let’s accept his brave gesture and be happy about his recovery! Support from his audience is what he needs!!