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The World Of Modeling

imageThe World of Modeling is complex! But is it really or is it how they make it?

I just read an article on Cara Delivigne who is crossing over into film. She has a movie this summer coming out with Hugh Jackman and is going to start a scifi film. Cara wants out of modeling! She finds the whole World Of Modeling to be a looking glass into her life. She gets comments if she gains weight, been out too late partying or just hanging with her always on Instagram friends! My comment is you make yourself too visible and your fellow models who constantly take selfies, post everything they do are getting what they want! Recognition!

In the days of Cindy Crawford and Christy Brinkley you never followed their lives on a daily basis. But we didn’t have this social media disease to see everything and let everyone know!

In The World Of Modeling today there are some girls who are recognizable but don’t hang in the party world. The likes of Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Cara Delivigne remind me of the Brat Packs from yesterday. Everything is done for attention, recognition and social media. Yes, their brand gets recognized and endorsements come in because of the popularity they created. So don’t complain! If you don’t want the comments then go home and just do your job!

The World Of Modeling has turned into a very competitive business! It’s like anything else, you get the good and the bad! Once you’re a celebrity expect the negative comments and stop complaining. You’re getting what you have worked for and yes, utilizing every opportunity to get that photo seen by your fan base!

Kendall Jenner

imageKendall Jenner is the new “it” girl! Move over Kin because dying your hair back to black is not  making headlines!

Kendall Jenner just became the new image for Calvin Klein jeans! At 19 years old she has the perfect body, beautiful face and a social media following that is huge! Who better to be the poster girl !

Kendall Jenner has a group of friends to rival the Brat Pack ! Gigi Hadid, Justin Bieber to name a few ! Everything they do gets photographed and followed!

Estée Lauder signed Kebdall to be their new endorsement! This young beauty is on the top of the world and financially doing quite well! She was in practically every big Fashion Week show and proved her diversity as a model. Quite an achievement this year!

So I ask whether there  is jealousy in this famous family. Kendall Jenner has set herself apart from the rest of the clan. Just look at her natural beauty and you can see the difference  ! No need for implants, face contouring or trying to be what’s she’s not! Unfortunately her younger sister is imitating a different older sibling!

The modeling world is not easy and when you’re Kendall Jenner the others can be quite catlike and try to claw at you whenever they can ! Jealousy brings out the bullying and meaness in women so she has not had it easy in her first experiences . But look where’s she’s at now! A best friend like Gigi Hadid will keep the cats away !

I just saw the previews for Calvin Klein and I’m seeing things that have my interest! The cropped sweatshirt and track shorts are great!!  She also looks terrific! Yes another Brooke Shields is being created… It will be Kendall Jenner that comes between her and her Calvins!