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The EBay Scam

imageThe EBay Scam really gets me riled!

By now all the pictures of the Balmain for H& M are out! We all know the dress Gigi Hadid wore, Kendall Jenner hot items and after seeing the Rousteing birthday bash there are no more surprises!

So what are the EBay buyers doing? They are already posting  the hottest items that they know you will want with prices over a thousand dollars! You are to pay for your item and if for some reason they can’t obtain it you will get a refund! Yes I call this The EBay Scam!

The dress worn by Gigi Hadid that will sell for $649 will cost you $1300 on EBay! And the jacket on Kendall figure $1100! And we all know this will be a sellout before we can even get a peak!

Is this fair? Can anyone control this happening? Probably No to both questions but so disillusioning! The same thing happened at the Alexander Wang event so this time around I think I have lost my enthusiasm. The resellers on EBay have their strategy and that leaves very little on the racks after they hit! But preselling when they haven’t even purchased it sounds a little shady and should be something to look into by EBay!

Supply and demand is the entire story. Rousteing for Balmain has given H&M a great collection, fabulous advertising, and beautiful models who probably have made it actually better than it really is in person. In fact one review was that the leather looked stiff, wool a little cheap and the gold not so good! And the prices aren’t that cheap at H& M! But all that doesn’t matter when it comes to Balmain even though we’re getting the knockoffs! But still by Olivier Rousteing!!

Rails Plaid Shirts

imageThe Rails Plaid Shirt is seen on the celebrities so you know it’s cool!

I love my Plaid Shirts and am very particular about the fit, the feel and certainly the plaid. When I saw Giselle wearing a great one then I had to find out whose it was! The company is Rails and since my discovery it showed the many well known  in the Hollywood set were wearing  Rails Plaid Shirts!

Rails is a California company that has their Plaids being worn by the likes of Kendall Jenner , Beyoncé, Olivia Wilde! These luscious shirts don’t come cheap starting at $80 and going up to $150 but when you think of how much a pair of boots can cost, these are easy to squeak into the budget. The line has shirts for both men and women so if you’re like me, you will want the men’s!

I also love Plaid Shirts sold at the Levi stores. They seem to have that touch of authenticity that the cheaper ones lack. Ralph Lauren is my other source but sometimes they’re just too heavy for my California weather. I like to tie them around my waist so if needed I can just throw it on.

The Rails collection can be found at Saks, Nordstrom and Shopbop. When you see the shirts you will probably feel limited in color selections but in reality a good Plaid Shirt says it all in what they offer. Naturally I have to have the one Giselle was photographed in! The strong navy / red combination or do I want the softer blues that Kendall had tied around her waist? Now this is where it starts getting expensive!!



Kardashian News

imageKardashian News is really one headline but I’ll include some other tidbits.

Say goodbye to Bruce Jenner because Caitlyn has emerged and she’s gorgeous! You will be able to see her on the cover of Vanity Fair shot by the great Annie Leibovitz. All I can say is that she looks fabulous. A white corset, flowing brunette hair, perfect makeup and you have a cover girl! I am so so happy for Caitlyn Jenner and may I add what a bold courageous coming out! No hiding for this lady!

My next Kardashian News is that Kim is pregnant! I only hope this time around she rejoices her pregnancy instead of complaining the whole time. Maybe a little weight control would help her negative image of herself!

And the previews of Kendall and  Kylie’s collection  for ShopBop are for all to see online. My opinion is that I was not really impressed. A few cute tops but the bold large flower group looked like a not too attractive bedspread print to me! This print was offered on a maxi dress, romper and jumpsuit. Sorry but I didn’t like it at all!! There was a cute sweatshirt with a girly slogan and a few solid tops that looked functional and practical. The winner will be the California TShirt and the distressed shorts with the “K” button . I really think they’re going to need Kendall to model those flowers! She looks good in anything!

I end my Kardashian News with Caitlyn Jenner and her gorgeous cover! This was equal to Bruce winning the gold medal and being on the Wheaties box! The 65 year old is reintroduced and the slogan is Call Me Caitlyn!!