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Vegan Leather Is Hypocritical

Vegan Leather Is Hypocritical! I never questioned what Vegan Leather was but always knew it was fake!

But now I have discovered that what I thought was the Vegan view not to use leather but to abide and substitute with faux leather. This doctrine is upheld by one of my most revered designers, Stella McCartney. And another Brit who stands by this is Vivienne Westwood. Yes, I respected their environmental and personal beliefs that faux was the way to go. However my own personal taste always chose real leather. I love the feel, the endurance and yes even the smell!

Well guess what! Vegan Leather Is Hypocritical! Sure don’t kill the cow but make your handbags and shoes out of petroleum based products that are so toxic that the environment endangers all around. The wildlife and animals who are exposed to these toxins from the faux leathers do more damage than I ever imagined. And just breathing the toxins will weaken the immune system and cause many dreadful after affects!

Vegan Leather has been around for ages. However when I hear the word Vegan I think healthy! Who knew that these leathers are made from scary materials that can poison us! The word polyvinyl  should give you a clue!

I understand animal activists and what they stand by. However after reading about the Vegan Leathers which are the same as faux I really believe that they are not saving the world nor the animals that live on it! This is definitely a confusing topic that I will investigate more. My love for animals is how I live my life but I never objected to what I like or wear. I always thought of myself as the Hypocrite but now I’m seeing the real truth! Vegan Leather Is Hypocritical!