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Crazy Accessories From Paris

Crazy Accessories From Paris were seen at the shows for Fall 2016!

First was the oversized, and I mean oversized bag or whatever you want to call it from Balenciaga. Maybe it’s okay if you’re standing but what you you do with this thing when sitting or let alone be in a car is a mystery to me!

Actually Chanel had a boot with a plaid top on it that for some reason I liked! They showed it with the matching skirt and the whole look was pretty cute! On the other hand the Mary Janes with the ankle strap in white from Madison Margiela were ridiculous looking! The black thick sole and heel plus the huge buckle were really comical! They looked like Minnie Mouse shoes!

St Laurent did stilettos with a cute bow on the heel. How you drive in these things I don’t know! But at least they weren’t junked up like the backs of the Mui Mui heels. What were they thinking??

Crazy Accessories From Paris have to include the lug soled lace up boots from Louis Vuitton. Now these shoes are certainly not Crazy but definitely not the most flattering. The shiny black leather is accented with white shoe laces! But in saying all this they will probably be a hit!!

There were many fur purses, cute small bags, pretty hair accessories that will be integrated into Fall 2016 fashion but it’s the Crazy ones that always get the attention and are on the must have list! The more I look at that shopping bag purse from Balenciaga the more practical it has become!!

Rip Offs

imageRip Offs are all over the world of fashion and design. My furniture business original designs have been so copied that it’s beyond ridiculous ! And the sad part is, you can’t really do anything about it except keep ahead of the game. But every once in a while it goes too far and it’s time to say No! Sue!!!

Versace has produced a tshirt called Medusa that sells for $650! Well can you believe it sold out in 3 sizes! The problem is that this design was created by the designer Kesh for American Apparel in 2013! No, they are not exact but you can see the inspiration and pinpoint the creator ! But can she do anything about it ? Design is the hardest thing to protect!! Any deviation can be tagged as a non infringement! It’s bad enough when the cheap Chinese factories copy but Versace is really a sting ! I hope Kesh can be compensated!!

Stores like Zaras are always being cited for Rip Offs but that’s to be expected in the less expensive markets. Urban Outfitters is another retailer that scouts the designers then adapts for their young customers. When the mass markets Rip Off it’s usually ignored because the prestige is not there. But Versace is another scenario!

The shoe market is one of the biggest culprits in the Rip Off market but no one really cares! In fact, Louboutin expects it! But don’t dare to make the soles red!

And how many Rip Offs of the famous Chanel jacket have we seen ? These are not considered fakes because in reality they look nothing like a real Chanel ! However Louis Vuitton handbags are a different story !

It  will be interesting to see what comes out of the Versace vs Kesh dispute! Maybe American Apparel should bring back their Tshirt??


Fall 2015 Accessories

imageFall 2015 Accessories are good! A few may be a little zany but maybe in moderation could be actually wearable!

I’m really liking the handles on bags so you can actually get a grip on them! They resembled mini Louis Vuitton carry cases! Most of the bags with this detail also sported a shoulder strap. In fact the Louis Vuitton bag is a winner!

The big tote is a must for Fall 2015 Accessory. Chanel has a great soft hobo bag. I also like Calvin Klein black with a heavy matching chain for the shoulder strap.

Stella McCartney showed the looped long pearls on her models that I loved! You make a choker first then tie a knot to have a hanging loop! A definite Fall 2015 Accessory to copy!

Now Givenchy had the models adorned in face jewels! Rings in noses, pearls on cheeks,earrings on top of earrings! A little much but maybe just one piece could make a statement without being stared at!

The best Fall 2015  Accessory are the return of the lug soles. This was not one of my favorites from yesteryear but Alexander Wang has nailed it with his platforms. And Balenciaga lug soled boots look great!

Speaking of boots, look for the pony skinned ones from Derek Lam and the tall shearling lined ones from Coach that give you that soft  cuddly feeling. Even Gucci lined their loafers in fur !

And brooches are appearing on everything from lapels to hats! They just add that extra little touch that has been so forgotten! I bet swap meets would be a good place to start your collection for Fall!

Fall 2015 Accessories can change a basic black anything by just pinning on that new brooch. And that twisted pearl choker is a must! I’m still in question about the face jewels!!