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Dangerous Fashion

imageCan you believe that what you wear can be tagged as Dangerous Fashion?

A woman in Australia had to be cut from her skinny jeans and was hospitalized for 4 days! Apparently she was squatting too long! Could it be they were a little snug??

We all know what shoes can do to your ankles , posture and feet! But spraining your ankle because you actually twisted on the platform is telling you to forget the Dangerous Fashion!

Madonna  probably won’t wear a cape again on stage! I remember getting caught in a revolving door wearing my most cherished red cape! Not a pretty sight! And may I add it was the same cape that got caught in the New York cab door! Forget the capes for me!

The Birkin bag got touted for possibly causing tendinitis because of the way women carry them in the crook of their arm! I wonder how Victoria Beckham is faring with her stash of over 100!

And then there’s Lady Gaga who half the time has some crazy thing on her head that blocks anything ahead of her! And may I also throw in the shoes! DangerousFashion doesn’t scare this superstar!

But the best has to be the waist cinched Kim Kardashian sports! She would have made a great geisha with wrapped feet that would match her wasp waist!

Do we not feel the pain? I know what shoes too small feel like! And I also have a few pair of skinny jeans that do stop all circulation! So why do I keep these demons? I think all women have the vision that someday they will become comfortable because the salesperson told us they will stretch! Forget it!!!

What’s Cool

imageWhat’s Cool is my topic today! However, I may have to include what’s not Cool !!

Pharrell Williams was awarded the CFDA fashion icon award for being What’s Cool ! His sense of style has made him someone to watch and imitate! The hats alone could win him this title but Pharrell has style that goes beyond ! Who else could drape himself in Chanel Multi strands of pearls and look so a Cool ?? And wear shorts with his tuxedo? Mickey Mouse pins on a cap? Etc. Etc . Whatever he does, this super nice guy with the adorable face is always Cool!!

Bruce Willis just turned 60 and he is definitely in my What’s Cool list! He is timeless and ageless and may I add makes 60 the new sexy for guys!

What’s not Cool for me is what the young Kylie Jenner has done done to her face and body! She’s only 17 and at this rate who knows what she’ll look like by 18! Is it her sister Kim who is the role model or mother’s plan to keep the public interested in the Kardashians?

What’s Cool is Madonna  who looks fabulous, sounds terrific and defies all age barriers, she even admits her youngest guy was 22! She is so open and honest that not only to I enjoy her talent but I love listening to what she has to say! And may I add takes a terrible fall and doesn’t miss a best!! Now that’s Cool!!

What’s Cool is the Brit image of William, Kate and Harry. What’s not Cool is Charles and Camilla coming to the US… who cares??

And What’s Cool is Elton John not allowing Dolce Gabbana to get out of their remarks that synthetic children are against the natural way intended ! I only hope that these two will get the payoff of lagging sales by those who will boycott!

You know What’s Cool!!


Celebrity Flesh

imageCelebrity Flesh is simply how much they can show!

It was 27 degrees in New York and Kim Kardashian was wearing a teeny midriff top with her cargo pants! Yes she had a coat thrown over but it wasn’t closed! And forget a scarf because then no one could see her famous boobs! I also noticed that she seems to always be walking behind Kanye!  Kim , he’s not even looking!

Celebrity Flesh becomes boring! Once you’ve seen it the mystery is gone ! Miley Cyrus is a perfect example of what I tag as over exposure! What else is left for her to do?

There are a few stars who show Celebrity Flesh with class and it fits their personna. Lady Gaga is a perfect example who flaunts her cute breasts in the most natural way! She looked fantastic with Tony Bennett! Could it be that everything was in proportion and your stare was t concentrated on huge fake things???

Another natural beauty is Beyoncé. Her plunge can be down to her waist and she still carries off the sophistication and quality of a true icon. Add Victoria Beckham, Charlize Theron to this list.

But now I have to discuss Madonna! What was she thinking when she exposed her fishnet covered ass?? And jiggling her push up boobs for the camera! Yes she looks fabulous but trying to to impress her fans with this tacky Celebrity Flesh represented a star who is struggling to hold on! I felt sorry for her that she was stooping so low for attention!

So is it attention ? Insecurity ? Or simply wanting to show off their new boobs ? I’m sure Celebrity Flesh is appreciated by the male population…they don’t care whether real or fake, big or small as long as they see something!