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Truly The Best Bronzer

Truly The Best Bronzer is something I say every week after I buy another one but this time I think I found it!

Last week I went into raves about Tom Ford Bronze primer that I bought for $84! Well I went into raptures about it maybe to justify my extravagance but I honestly loved it when I walked out of the store! I had to order it because it was sold out! Well it finally came and for the first few hours I was happy that is until I realized by the afternoon all had disappeared!

What I really wanted and read about was Nars liquid Laguna! Well it finally came into Nordstroms and I ran to try it on with s bare face! This liquid is so easy to apply and the color is amazing! In fact so amazing that all I needed was a little Orgasm blush! I didn’t need any powder bronzer on top! Yes this Truly The Best Bronzer!

I am now confronted with a whole box of bronzing powders, gels, self tanners that I do not need or want! This really upsets me when I see how I spend money so foolishly and never use the product! However in saying this I did return the $84 Tom Ford! But I still have the $95 Gold Dust Bronzer that has such a gorgeous case that I’ll just put it on my dresser tray.

Truly The Best Bronzer for your face is Laguna Liquid! I only hope that I can say this next week!!

The Best Bronzer Ever

The Best Bronzer Ever is because I own practically all of them and then I discovered this!

Tom Ford has just come out with a bronze primer that is magic! I am fair to medium complexion but love a tan! No more tanning beds for me and spray tanning, even though I’ll do it for my body is the hardest to achieve. All the self tanners make me either too dark, too orange or too whatever else I don’t like! And when it comes down to just using a bronzing powder I find they just don’t give me that glow of healthy skin that I want. Well all that has changed with The Best Bronzer Ever!

Yes it’s expensive at $74 but worth it! I have the Chanel bronzer that comes in the tub and it can’t compare! Tom Ford Bronzer just glides on and your face glows! I mean it!! My face is glowing! I already own the Tom Ford bronzing powder ┬áin Gold Dust so all I did was just add a light sweep to my cheeks, chin and forehead. By the way I adore this powder that cost $95 but so worth it!

Faking a tan is expensive and really a nuisance! In the old days all I needed was a bikini, some Bain de Soleil . Now I have to invest!

I’m still testing for the body but recently found a great natural one on Amazon called Natural Self Tanner by Thermalabs. The only problem is that I think I used the whole tube in a week!!

So for the Best Bronzer Ever I have to say it’s Tom Ford all the way! But isn’t everything he does great???

Liquid Lipstick Explosion

The Liquid Lipstick Explosion is on!

Everyone thought that Kylie Jenner was starting something dynamic! In reality the company Line Crimes has been making Liquid Lipstick long before Kylie! And may I add that their Cashmere is a very cool color! Kylie is now coming out with an extensive line of colors that should be available in quantities that will be available and not sell out on a minute! However the company ColourPop has every color imaginable and is only $6! Rumor has it that her colors and formulas are very similar or even the same!

The Liquid Lipstick explosion is in the mass market as well! Check out LOreal which has an extensive palette, said not to be drying and very affordable!

So what exactly is Liquid Lipstick? I describe it simply as a matte drying gloss that has staying power beyond ordinary lipstick. However some formulas can be so matte that before you know it color is peeling off! I like it and I don’t! If you apply a lip balm on afterwards and through the day you don’t feel the dryness but then I ask why use it???

Kylie Jenner did an amazing marketing promotion for her 3 colors of Liquid Lipstick. I couldn’t get my hands on one so I can’t report expect the reviews were really divided. My suggestion is check out what’s in the drugstores, see if you like it and don’t spend over $10!!

The Liquid Lipstick Explosion is just that! A big blast, the dust will settle and we will go back to what we loved before!!