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Republicans To Block Judicial Appointee

Republicans To Block Judicial Appointee!

Every Republican claims Obama has done nothing! Has not fulfilled his promises! Well with a Republican Congress that had made it clear that they will block any nominee that Obama puts forth to fulfill empty slot in the judicial branch what do you expect!

I grew up learning that our government had three branches. The judicial part was made up of impartial Supreme Court Judges! Did you get the word Impartial??? Well Mitch  Mc Connell has already stated that the Senate will not pass anyone that Obama suggests! They want to wait until the election is over!?

Now I am a Liberal Democrat who believes that the Judicial branch of our government should be unbiased Supreme Court Judges and not political puppets! They should keep their ideology and religious beliefs to themselves and judge fairly!

I was not a fan of Justice Scalia who put his conservative values on everything and everybody! Donald Trump wants another judge just like Scalia! He’s still angry that Cruz voted for Roberts who helped pass Obamacare! Now I ask is this impartial?

So here we go again! The Republicans will block anyone Obama puts forth! How did all this happen? These Republicans who only live by the Bible and our Constitution when it’s right for them will appoint a judge who only sees it their way!  This certainly is not what I call Democracy! And naturally Obama will get blamed because he always does!

We have to stop the Republicans!! No more like Scalia please!!


The Difference Between Wives

The Difference Between Wives in the Political race is like night and day between the two outsiders, Trump and Sanders!

First I have to comment on the new photo shoot that Mrs. Trump just had for a major publication. First of all it was taken at their 55,000 square foot mansion in upper New York State. If you thought the gold penthouse in Manhattan was opulent you have to see this! But the actual shoot was just so glamour girl in the wealthy backdrop that I didn’t get it! How do you relate to your constituents to be their First Lady when wearing a black lace backless gown or a skin tight white sheath? And may I add a bathing suit at your indoor pool! Besides having the perfect body and gorgeous face the image is definitely what I wouldn’t expect! All of the shots looked like a celeb super model! I don’t get the message at all! And why do  a family of three need 55,000 square feet anyway? If I were Trump I would show his beautiful wife in a natural way we have never seen her and in backgrounds the average person could relate to! The constituents are not voting for a King and his Queen!!

So now to Jane Sanders. I am a Hillary girl but I genuinely like this female! She lives in Vermont, dresses conservatively, wears little or no makeup, has beautiful long hair and is a few pounds overweight! But she is real and when she speaks I want to listen because there is sincerity and an actual sweetness that comes through. She is a woman who you know would rally for causes while supporting her husband.

The Differences Between Wives is also the Difference Between Candidates. One shows his wealth the other shows his passion. As I stated I’m wanting my Hillary but my second choice would be Bernie and Jane!

What’s Wrong With Hillary

What’s Wrong With Hillary? Nothing!!

The problem is not What’s Wrong With Hillary but WhatsWrong With Us! We are living in a country that all I’m hearing is the Ideology from the far right Christians who want their government to be governed by the Bible and the disgruntled Americans who think building a wall or saying college will be free are the answers!

Where is our good judgement that says leadership and experience do matter! I admit that my girl Hillary isn’t the best cheer leader or reality star like Donald Trump or anything like a Bernie Sanders who thinks he can just land in the Oval Office and get his promises fulfilled! Excuse me Bernie but you  have Congress to deal with and whose going to pay for your free colleges and how is our economy going to survive if you topple Wall Street!

What’s Wrong  With Hillary is simple! She needs to tell her public that Bernie Sanders is a Socialist that can’t accomplish his promises! And by all means explain why in simple language! Say it like it is! Free college means higher taxes and whose going to pay! And when you talk about Health Care tell us why his plan won’t work! Explain Hillary  and stop repeating what you want to do but attack your opponent by explaining why he can’t do it his way!

I want you to be our first woman President but you have to energize your females out there and tell the young enthusiastic idealistic what reality is!! Stop campaigning from the rote script and get down to the emotions that all can understand!!