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Ralph Steps Down

imageRalph Steps Down from being CEO of Ralph Lauren after 50 years!

Its time to turn it over and that’s what Ralph Lauren did when he appointed Stefan Larsonn as the chief executive. Larsonn is the genius who turned the so called budget arm Old Navy into doing 6 billion last year! That was the total of the Gap and Banana Republic put together! Stefan also has to his credit 15 years with H&M! This Swede knows what he’s doing!

Ralph Lauren’s empire fell 44% last year and bringing in someone like Larsonn could be just what the lagging company needs. I am a Ralph Lauren fan and have worn his clothes for years. To me, he can do no wrong! But maybe that’s what happened! As sales were slipping there was no body to revamp because only one person ruled! Ralph Steps Down is because the time is right. He will be 76 and the time to closely look at reality. Sure, his influence in design, image and marketing will always remain but for setting the pace and steering this mighty ship, it will be Larsonn.

But I wonder what the changes will bring. Could Armani leave his baby and just turn it over? Prada is Miuccia! And Cavalli would never be the same without its creator. Giving up the power to make the crucial decisions of what the vision is going to be is really difficult. Can a powerful icon such as Ralph Lauren really hand it over? Everything about his company is him! Sure he has lost business because of many factors but does that mean the designer/ creator bends to meet the new demands? And how much of the brand gets reconstructed that we don’t recognize any more? I know Ralph Steps Down, I just hope he won’t step aside!!

Mansur Gavriel

imageMansur Gavriel is a success story that started on Instagram!

Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel created a bucket bag and now have a cult following! All this started on Instagram in 2013! The now famous bag sells for $599 and has a waiting list! Now that’s what I call a great product!

Now it was time to move on and the designers just showed their shoe collection in an actual store in New York! The collection is tight focusing on a mule, flats, sandals in a great color selection and variances in heel heights. I loved that the mules could be obtained from high to low!

As far as the actual designs, I felt that I had worn them before! Maybe from Todd’s in the nineties and Gucci! But their spin on the small platform mules were different because of the suede colors and the covered heels. When I looked at them , I saw comfort, diversity, sexiness all wrapped up in one shoe! And if the bags are not expensive, I know these will be very affordable!

Mansur Gavriel are smart designers who also know business. Start out small with a great product, keep them wanting, build your client following!

There are new bags n the line to add to the collection. I loved the circle shoulder bag in great colors for spring. My bags are so boring and practical in black and browns that I know I might just have to be one of these little numbers in my favorite orange! Forget Hermes that means guilt and a total investment… I’m going for Mansur Gavriel and definitely will have to own a pair of these mules!!


Rails Plaid Shirts

imageThe Rails Plaid Shirt is seen on the celebrities so you know it’s cool!

I love my Plaid Shirts and am very particular about the fit, the feel and certainly the plaid. When I saw Giselle wearing a great one then I had to find out whose it was! The company is Rails and since my discovery it showed the many well known  in the Hollywood set were wearing  Rails Plaid Shirts!

Rails is a California company that has their Plaids being worn by the likes of Kendall Jenner , Beyoncé, Olivia Wilde! These luscious shirts don’t come cheap starting at $80 and going up to $150 but when you think of how much a pair of boots can cost, these are easy to squeak into the budget. The line has shirts for both men and women so if you’re like me, you will want the men’s!

I also love Plaid Shirts sold at the Levi stores. They seem to have that touch of authenticity that the cheaper ones lack. Ralph Lauren is my other source but sometimes they’re just too heavy for my California weather. I like to tie them around my waist so if needed I can just throw it on.

The Rails collection can be found at Saks, Nordstrom and Shopbop. When you see the shirts you will probably feel limited in color selections but in reality a good Plaid Shirt says it all in what they offer. Naturally I have to have the one Giselle was photographed in! The strong navy / red combination or do I want the softer blues that Kendall had tied around her waist? Now this is where it starts getting expensive!!