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Crazy Accessories From Paris

Crazy Accessories From Paris were seen at the shows for Fall 2016!

First was the oversized, and I mean oversized bag or whatever you want to call it from Balenciaga. Maybe it’s okay if you’re standing but what you you do with this thing when sitting or let alone be in a car is a mystery to me!

Actually Chanel had a boot with a plaid top on it that for some reason I liked! They showed it with the matching skirt and the whole look was pretty cute! On the other hand the Mary Janes with the ankle strap in white from Madison Margiela were ridiculous looking! The black thick sole and heel plus the huge buckle were really comical! They looked like Minnie Mouse shoes!

St Laurent did stilettos with a cute bow on the heel. How you drive in these things I don’t know! But at least they weren’t junked up like the backs of the Mui Mui heels. What were they thinking??

Crazy Accessories From Paris have to include the lug soled lace up boots from Louis Vuitton. Now these shoes are certainly not Crazy but definitely not the most flattering. The shiny black leather is accented with white shoe laces! But in saying all this they will probably be a hit!!

There were many fur purses, cute small bags, pretty hair accessories that will be integrated into Fall 2016 fashion but it’s the Crazy ones that always get the attention and are on the must have list! The more I look at that shopping bag purse from Balenciaga the more practical it has become!!

St Laurent Goes Couture

At Laurent Goes Couture all the way in Paris!

Hedi Slimane created a 42 piece collection that he showed in Paris. There was no theatrical show, music was absent and theatrics absent! Models walked down the gorgeous staircase as guests sat in their assigned seats that had their names on gold plated! How chic and how very serious!

So let’s talk fashion! The vibe of the collection was definitely 80’s and some was really what we wanted to forget! The tailoring and detail was all painfully haute couture but the actual designs just didn’t turn me on! I really admire the talent of Hedi Slimane but a heart shaped fur in fushia was a little too much even though I think was the hit of the show!

St Laurent Goes Couture was seen in the intricacy. However the one shoulder mini that had a huge thing coming out of one shoulder was nothing I would call stunning! And the shoulders on some of the coats looked like bad eighties! But in saying all that I saw the talent and mastery in his designs.

So do I think the micro mini with the emphasis on large poufs will be the fashion statement because St Laurent based the collection around them? Or bright colored strange fur wraps will invade the streets? Actually I do! When you see fashion in such a strong statement and pieces that make you remember I know they will translate to street wear! However a little less padding in the shoulders And please forget the dreadful hair!!

My question is whether this is the last show Hedi Slimane does for St Laurent??

Fashion Status

imageFashion Status usually means expensive! But somehow you don’t mind when you know you’re going to feel like a million!

We all know that a pair of red soles Louboutin shoes are definitely Fashion Status! And throw on a Cartier watch, carry a Hermes bag, maybe a Chanel whatever and you are ready to go anywhere! But as times change new Fashion Status allows you to buy more!

I’m loving the Chanel espadrilles for summer. They have just the right amount of Fashion Status with the famous logo on the front. Not too much but enough!

A cool biker jacket is definitely Fashion Status and the newest one is by St Laurent. However I’m still loving my Balenciaga leather biker that can never be replaced. New Status may come in but that doesn’t mean the old goes away!

Cartier has a very cool bracelet called Clou that is a gold bangle that will definitely set you back. And if if you really want Fashion Status you can add a couple more!

On the subject of jewelry how can we omit the Apple watch in 18 carat gold! Beyoncé has one so we know this is Fashion Status!

Fashion Status in bags gets a little confusing. Definitely Hermes Birkin bag and a classic Chanel but the rest seems a little mainstream even though expensive! And may I add that there are so many fakes that I can’t tell the difference any more!

There’s a bag that is made in Belgium from a company that has been around for years. I still don’t know the name of this non logo company but the small shoulder bag is becoming a new Fashion Status! And I don’t even know the name!!

So what does Fashion Status really mean? Sadly, money! But rationalize and figure you can have them for years and never need another bracelet, bag or jacket! Really???