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Versa Tan

imageIt’s summer and that means No More Makeup! Well, I think I mean just a little!! Versa Tan for me!

Just came back from the spray tan booth at Spray La Vie in Los Angeles that uses Versa Tan.  I love these booths because they are so fast and actually give you a golden brown tan that’s not orange!! I have tried doing it myself with every product  available and always make a mess! This is so affordable and does not dry my skin!! The deals are great and for about $50 a month you go as often as you want!

The best part is my face! I do the number 2 formula Versa Tan and I don’t need a thing on my face! However as the days go by and I exfoliate, wash and do my other procedures I become pale again before the body! The answer is this terrific spray that is the same solution as the machine! I am set for summer!!

Because I have this beautiful tan I can get away with just lip balm, mascara and if I want a little brightness I add a dab of blush! I don’t need concealer, foundation or any of my bronzers!!

My tanning salon offers Red Light Therapy which I think I will try. You have to be committed for at least 12 treatments to see any results but from what I’ve read it will help the skin regenerate, not expensive, and fast! So why not!! I never say no to anything that can improve my skin!

I call this affordable sunless summer beauty! In just minutes it makes me look good and feel good! Check it out!! Versa Tan!!

New Beauty Products

imageNew Beauty Products always get me excited! Just when I thought I was happy with what I have, I’m off shopping again!

I am salivating over the new lipstick colors from Nars! The lilac color I think has to be my next New Beauty Product! I never stop to think that I probably look better in my pinky beige because just seeing this color is enough !

Foundation is always my problem and I only put a touch under my eyes to conceal. I use my mineral powders from Mac but there is a new base from Kevin Aucoin that is not to be dry and cakey! And I adore Kevin Aucoin so this is a must to seek out!

But the best is a beauty mask with a self tanner by James Read for a subtle bronzer glow! My question is how do you sleep? Doesn’t it come off on the pillow?

My makeup brushes always shed! I know it’s because I don’t clean them properly or regularly but that we don’t talk about! A new line of brushes are touted to be the best by makeup artist Troy Surratt. They are the most luxe and softest but they also start at $90!This will take some thought or maybe I just start washing!

I’m not a nail Polish junkie but the famous Christian Louboutin has done it again with his new collection of gorgeous nudes! Something in the New Beauty Products that will definitely be a hit!

Charlotte Tilbury WonderGlow is not new but something I love ! A little under my base adds a fabulous natural glow! Check it out!

The New Beauty Products are so much fun to investigate! It’s also a good time to throw out the old! I rationalize and claim that I need it!







Makeup vs Climate

imageMakeup vs Climate is a subject I have studied for years. Why does my golden bronzer look great in Los Angeles and dreadful in New York?

As an art student, the first thing I learned was the color wheel and complimentary combinations. Sunshine and my bronzers look terrific but cloudy grey skies turn me into an orange disaster! London is the worst for a sunny blonde! Brunettes and the rosy cheek blondes look beautiful under the smoky steel background but not me!

I became used to Makeup vs Climate and always travel with alternative palettes. Foundation becomes more beige, bronzer if any is very light and a rosy punk blush! Do I like the way I look? No! But it’s better than the disastrous orange!

There are certain makeup companies that I just can’t find the foundation color that suits me. As much as I love my Chanel 5 perfume, I don’t gravitate towards their palettes that just have too much pink! I applaud #Bobbi Brown because this New York makeup artist started her company with a limited collection of brown based lipsticks that definitely showed no California influence. But through the years she has expanded into a full spectrum display that can definitely satisfy all!

I recently became enamored by #Charlotte Tilbury and bought the entire collection only to discover her foundations are not suitable for a golden base. Her #7 was too dark and #6 is grey! I’m keeping the contour but even that comes on very ashy for my likings. The artist is from London and as I stated, it’s definitely Makeup vs Climate!

By far for me the two best universal collection s have to be #Mac and #Francois Nars!  Knowing this I should just stop getting excited and stay with proven winners! But like everything else in life, we get lured in by the expectations and hype! At least I’m never bored!