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Louboutin Nude Collection

Louboutin Nude Collection addresses our differences!

What a great concept or is this no brainer a long time coming until Louboutin did something about it??

The word Nude in fashion and cosmetics stands for making the color as close to our skin color so it seems to disappear or at least blend into the color we are! Well guess what, we are all not the same color!

The new collection by Louboutin addresses this issue and so his pumps, sandals and flats will be in Nudes that are seven different colors! His pointed toe Parisienne inspired ballerina flats look terrific on all skin tones and do what they are supposed to do! Become  Nude!!

I am loving this awareness and recognition by such a prestigious designer! However this opens a whole new dimension to the Nude palette. Maybe you don’t want your shoes to blend but want a terrific  Nude color? It’s like the eyeshadow colors.. sometimes I use the light sand on my lids but other times the taupe! The colors can serve so many multiple desires!

Now that Louboutin Nude Collection is out I’m wondering who else will follow? This concept is just common sense when you think about it but so ignored! Diversity is finally being recognized and when a shoe is created to give you that disappearing look you better realize that there are more than one skin tone!

I’m always wanting the same color lipstick that my gorgeous dark skinned sales person is wearing! Yes the Nude on her doesn’t look the same on me!! And I never can get the same no matter what I do!

The Mansur Gavriel Mule

The Mansur Gavriel Mule debuted last year and it is always sold out!

What makes this simple Mule so special? It certainly isn’t the price because they sell for $350 to $650! Apparently price hasn’t affected the sales because you can’t get them! Like anything I can’t have it makes it so much more desirable that the quest is on! I wrote about these Mules last season when the pop up shop in Soho opened. But now it’s the new season and they are even more popular! Mansur Gavriel Mules are like getting a Birkin! Impossible!!

Like anything great in fashion there are the knockoffs and honestly they look terrific! H&M has a great one for under $50! And Zaras that never carry my size really look like the real thing in the photos! However I know there is a difference between expensive and cheap! But in this case where the Mandur Gavriel is not available I might just try on the Mules by Jeffrey Campbell which is a higher quality than the ones under $50! But in saying that the ones at Zaras look terrific!

My question always comes back to supply and demand in the retail business. The Mansur Gavriel Mule probably has the quality becacause of the labor and that reduces the supply and cancels out the mass production. I would just love to actually see a pair, touch the wonderful suede and feel the comfort! When I want something I don’t give up!! Yes the quest is on!!

Aquazzura VS Ivanka Trump

Aquazzura VS Ivanka Trump is a hot one!

Aquazzura designed one of the best selling shoes of 2015 called Wild Thing that sold for $785. The heels had a great band of fringe across the sandal and sexy straps that wrapped around the ankle and were ended with tassels Well we all know in fashion that the knockoffs claim to be inspiration and not copying but Ivanka  Trump realmy duplicated this design in her collection for $185!

So what can be done? Really almost nothing because it’s nearly impossible to patent a design when it comes to fashion but this case may be different! In fact from the Twitter posts and what I have read I would be quite embarrassed if I were Ivanka!

But let’s look at at the famous Chanel quilted bag and tell me that hasn’t inspired?? When you are an innovator you have to expect to be copied! I think the answer is always stay one step ahead and move on! However when the imitator so blatantly does it to a T then call them out!

Let’s face it there is a difference in quality when you see the Aquazzura shoe and the Ivanka Trump knockoff. The feel of the leather, the sole of the shoe and yes the fit are not the same! I for one like  the real thing! A pair of Aquazzura shoes are worn with confidence, pride and treated with care! Trust me there is a difference but I think Ivanka Trump should try her own talent if she has any!!