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Mongongo Oil

A new oil to watch for is Mongongo Oil!

Oh no, not another new oil! Just when I was getting used to coconut oil, along comes Mongongo Oil!

Mongongo Oil comes from a tree in Africa which grows in the very dry climate and supposedly contains properties that far surpass coconut oil! The Mongongo seed produces an oil that protects against the harmful UV rays along with actually sealing in moisture! The oil can be found in lip balms that will hydrate and protect. The oil is said to help with those suffering from scalp sensitivity and at the same time nourish the skin and hair. So far this is sounding really good! However the confusion lies in how you actually buy the Mongongo oil! Do you purchase a shampoo that contains the oil or just the oil? And for the skin and sun protection I ask the same question!

Like everything else that becomes the new hot item we will be seeing Mongongo Oil pop up in everything! Make sure your packaging is secured by the Phytotrade label so you know the oil you are getting has been harvested legitimately .

So how much has to be in a product to be effective? I have no idea! And do you include it in your diet? Again I have no idea! But so far the hair and skin uses sound very promising! I definitely will start out here and investigate the rest!

Every day a new discovery! My question is why suddenly we are hearing about it??

Marisa Berenson Skincare

imageMarisa Berenson Skincare has been launched at Neiman Marcus!

I have been folloiwing this beautiful aristocratic model for years. She is the granddaughter of the famous Schiaparelli  so I would definitely say she was born with class! Marisa resides in Paris and has that wonderful Parisian  sense of style and beauty! Now at 68 years old she claims to have had no face work but instead her beauty regime is natural. Naturally her good eating comes into play but there has to be more after seeing her flawless translucent skin! So we now have Marisa Berenson Skincare!

There are 15 products in the line but it’s the oil made from the prickly pear that has got my attention. It’s this fruit that is the essence for skin rejuvenation. What surprised me the most is that her products are not expensive! The prickly pear oil is $100 and that is not really asking too much when you realize it takes a ton of these little seeds to get one drop!

Marisa. Berenson claims she has had no procedures! Her daily upkeep for this youthful glow is really not complicated or time consuming. All of the products are natural but seem to target what we need. A filler, toner, daily moisturizer, eye serum and a clay mask. Read about Marisa and I know you will be convinced that this a line to really consider! And may I add that just looking at her is the best advertisement ! For me it may be the prickly pear oil and the mask that I can sneak into my skincare line that I adore by Beverly Hills MD…So while you’re at it check this one out! It’s amazing! B

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Ryan Seacrest Skincare

imageRyan Seacrest Skincare line will be happening!

It’s not enough that Ryan Seacrest is involved in practically every show I watch but now he’s collaborating with the famous Harold Lancer who is the noted celebrity dermatologist in Beverly Hills! I used to go to Dr Lancer and he does deserve his recognition. However, the price tag I would pay for each visit was just a little  pricey! Somehow I would rack up $1800 for injections that I could have done for much less! But in saying that, I still recommend him because the man is good! He’s the doctor to the Kardashians and Ryan Seacrest so he probably doesn’t even know that I’m missing!

The Skincare line will be targeted for men. Now what’s going to be different that men can’t find now, I don’t have any idea! Maybe a Tanner that will firm and tighten at the same time! Or a toner that irons out all the wrinkles around the eyes! And a magical lotion that makes the sagging jowls disappear?!

My guess is that all the Ryan Seacrest Skincare line will need is his name, his face and the collaboration with Harold Lancer! And may I also add a hefty price tag so guys will think they are getting the magic potions! Why not? Women pay hundreds for that jar of caviar or gold!!!