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BoHo Spring

imageBoHo Spring looks are in! So much fun to wear and actually not expensive to accomplish!

I love the company Free People for the BoHo Spring fashion! Their catalog is terrific and the looks great! Models wearing crochet halters, laced up espadrilles, cut off shorts and bracelets up their arms really capture the freedom from the seventies! Throw in some batik prints, open weave sweaters and flared pants! The finishing touch is free natural flowing hair with little makeup and a golden tan!

BoHo Spring fashion takes me back and just seeing the photos of what to wear at the music festivals you know the editors are looking at the same pictures! The belts and turquoise jewelry combined with slouchy straw cowboy hats pull it all together. In fact, I’m digging my hats out! The trick for keeping it in this decade is don’t go overboard! This is not a Sonny and Cher sequel.

Think stripes! Cropped pants look great in black and white stripes. Slip on casual woven shoes are comfortable and add to the look. Long skirts are also part of the BoHo Spring wardrobe. Prints in soft cotton wraps worn with a denim jacket and cute tshirt is all you need to wear from morning into night! I love a wide leather belt worn slung on your hips! And never put the high boots away! The great thing about this era is that it all bundles up into a small package that you can throw in your bag! Buy a crochet bikini and you are ready to go!

BoHo Spring is fun and really sexy! The only problem I see is that your guy will be wearing the usual baseball cap , not so cool tshirt, and sneakers…. They definitely can break the mood!

Supply and Demand

imageSupply and Demand is the topic for today!  If it’s good, people will want it!

The company LL Bean out of Maine has been around for years! My wonderful Stetson Moose River hat comes from this icon! Well, can you believe that their famous “Duck “boot is on back order for a whopping 60,000 pairs that have to be fulfilled from last year! Tack this on to the 400,000 they produce every year and you have Supply and Demand! They are hiring an additional 100 employees and buying a rubber sole making machine that costs $1,000,000! It takes 6 months to a tuly train a boot maker ! And the deluxe model with Gortex / Thinsulate sell for $189! So not cheap but overflowing in demand! All hand made and no Chinese imports for substitution!

Another Supply and Demand company is the Duluth Trading company that you see the disgusting underwear ads on TV. They make a pair of work pants for construction workers out of the same heavy canvas used in fire hoses! They never wear out!! Maybe a little stiff but definitely hardy!

And who can argue that the old Levi 501’s weren’t the best! However, Levi had to reinvent because denim became such a fashion statement that the authentic were being passed over except for the old worn and ripped ones you found in the vintage stores ! These precious finds were quickly bought up by all the savvy Japanese buyers to fill their Supply and Demand. However Levi has gone back to their best sellers , created a new label and now they’re selling for over $200 a pair!

When you make something good, the public will know! No matter what the economy is doing, these companies will still hold their own! The combination of good quality, everlasting need and customer loyalty is all they need,

Maybe the hurting design companies should rethink their structure and tighten up their collections. Bring back what we all wanted and create the demand by the authenticity…Hermes is the perfect example!





Sell Your Clothes

imageSell Your Clothes and earn extra money! Now in saying this, I must report on the Madonna auction!

The super star opened up her closet and would you believe brought in $252,000 for the jacket she wore  in Desperately Seeking Susan! Now I ask, who in the world bought it? And her wedding dress she wore with Sean Penn went for $81,000! Again , who? But the best was the baseball uniform from A League of Their Own sold for a mere $31,00 !

But back to reality! If you have designer clothes or accessories , I recommend The Real Real. This company is professional, will sell fast and you will never have to chase your money. Don’t expect anything close to what you spent,  it it does have a resale value that adds up! And it’s better than sitting in your closet collecting dust!

The best sale items in the high ticket market are Chanel, Louboutin, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dolce and Gabbana . Accessories like sunglasses , shoes will seek fast! Naturally what you paid and what you get are miles apart but it’s still money!

The newest celebrity consignment website is the European based Vestiaire that has invested famous closets. I’ll be anxious to see how it is received here and the effect on EBay bidders.

Speaking of EBay, you can always snap a picture and list. There is also Threadflip that has a good following but all this takes your time and diligence. As for me, I have neither!

The hardest market for consignment is the in between items. Sell Your Clothes surprising on my favorite The Real Real does not accept my Armani, Max Mara or Ralph Lauren! So what do to do with these expensive items ? Personally I would rather find someone who would appreciate their value, enjoy wearing them and be so happy to receive! There are many organizations that will graciously take your clothes that you don’t want anymore!