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Celebrity Support

imageLet’s face it, Celebrity Support is important!

Bruce Jenner revealed to the world that he is transgender and the Diane Sawyer interview was dynamic and so powerful! The tweets were a million and the positive Celebrity Support was beautiful! And may I add read! Every article, Facebook, Twitter had the words of praise and support for Bruce. My esteem for those rose to the top! Celebrities are so influential and when I heard Kanye’s words of understanding for Bruce, I immediately changed my feelings to love for this man! And Kim being the most understanding of all got her a new place in my standings!

When politics come into the discussion I’m all there because I am a political junkie who actually screams at the TV when Ted Cruz is speaking! And to think he actually has a following!! But knowing the Celebrity Support for my Hillary has a definite influence on how I feel about certain stars. Yes, if you are one who supports any of the Republican idiots who are against my equality for all then I will turn you off! Celebrity Support is powerful and influential because they can be heard in our world of social media.

Celebrity Support can make a difference! Young people will be interested in important issues if one of their idols is speaking or tweeting about something other than their comfort zone. Awareness is important for all! Television shows are bringing issues to life. The topics being discussed were taboo years ago. When did we ever think a Transgender actress would be part of a great TV show?

Celebrity Support gets the attention needed for voices to be heard. I only hope in the case of Bruce Jenner that he will be able to go to his neighborhood market as just another human and not be a spectacle because he is a Celebrity.