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Versace Ruled

imageVersace Ruled in Milan at Fashion Week!

My first impression when viewing what Donatella created was questionnable! A multitude of camouflage that got diffused with neon to create a headache of bold prints! But as I continued to study the individual designs I started to get the impact and the influence on Spring 2016!

The one shoulder body clinging dresses will be the ticket for celebrities to show off in! And the neon studded prints are the strongest statement I saw! This will definitely be part of the knock off ready to wear before this collection actually hits the stores!

Donatella really stepped it up and put on the biggest extravaganza yet! From what I read, the models were loving the collection! What I loved was the stamp of excitement and not the same old safe renditions.

Study the pieces and see how trend setting Versace Spring 2016 will be! Sure there were great solid khaki, olive and black designs that had strong appeal for me but surprisingly for the person who hates prints , I was drawn to the skimpiest slip dress in this acid neon  and loved the camouflage loose open jacket with matching pajama style pants! It just said something that was fresh, new and exciting! I can see Rihanna in all of this!

The press is praising Gucci which I found very undesirable and lacking all sex appeal. But Donatella gave me that spark which I remember and admired. Yes, Versace Ruled!!

Milan Fashion

imageMilan Fashion previewed and I have mixed comments. On some cases, I am totally opposite on the reviews!

Lets face it, Milan Fashion is ruled by designers who are not so young anymore! Armani is 81, Donatella 60, Miuccia 66, Cavalli 74! These design houses are the real backbone of Milan Fashion and I don’t thing they really care about changing their brand even though lagging sales should be the push! Versace has to have glitz, Prada quirky, Cavalli always body hugging with touches of leopard,  and Armani just classy!

But what about struggling Gucci? Apparantly the front row adored the collection! My opinion is just the opposite! I detest pussy cat bow blouses and mixing different bright prints is nothing I would ever wear! Last collection had nerdy looking models in their round glasses strutting the runway. And the journalists loved it because they were wearing the clothes to see the new Milan Fashion! Is it a trend? Has Gucci come back? The figures will tell but as for the direction and image, I will pass!

So what is Milan Fashion saying? Many designers showed in industrial warehouses which was a first for traditional Milan Fashion week. Are they trying to project clothes that can actually be bought and worn by a consumer that doesn’t have to be wealthy? Is there an attempt to conform to the times and reach out to that market who lives on line?

Lets see what the celebs will be wearing! That always helps any market!  Or does it? I thought the canary yellow Versace getup Heidi Klumm wore to the Emmys was just ridiculous!

Anthony Vaccarello

imageAnthony Vaccarello has done it again! Not for resort but for Fall! You can preview online.

Anthony Vaccarello is probably my favorite designer. He just gets it right! The new collection for Versus is very reminiscent of the nineties with an updated spin. The preview shows the concept for men and women with style that is so easy to wear with a cool street wear edge . In fact, it’s really the way I dress, flat boots, great black jackets and coats and mixed with anything on the bottom!

I love his short assymetrical skirts! They are so sexy! For this collection he introduced tartan plaid kilt like skirts that I know will be all over the fashion scene! And his jackets with button detail are all you need! Once you see it you will want it to!

His menswear is fantastic! Because of my height I will definitely check out his coats and jackets. All of his designs are so interchangeable and wearable! Investments that won’t go out of style!

Anthony Vaccarello is turning it around for Versace. As creative director he knows what his audience wants! And it’s really ageless! Anyone can adopt one of his pieces to integrate in their wardrobe.

The models show his thigh high slit assymetrical showing skin but with a pair of black tights anyone can wear the designs. And I love the knee length skirts on the men over skinny pants! But it’s those coats and jackets with that cool military feeling that I’m loving! And that you can preview the collection now is really a great move by Versus.. or is it?? Every knockoff will be in production before it even gets to the stores!!

Anthony Vaccarello is the original! Remember that!!