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The Zara Empire

imageThe Zara Empire is a phenomenon. It is owned by Inditex and has passed the 100 billion euro mark! The brains behind The Zara Empire is Amancio Ortega and he is fooling everyone in retail!

If times are bad you wouldn’t know it by the sales this Spanish chain is bringing in! The philosophy is simple…don’t overstock, fresh merchandise, and keep them coming!

I spent years in fashion and was part of what I tagged as ” the knockoff artists.” As fast as you see it on the runways is the speed you are already producing for your stores. Zaras has the new looks in their stores in weeks after the collections have previewed! Now that’s smart strategy!

The Zara Empire doesn’t  try to predict what is going to sell a year out. And they don’t enploy the teams of people that other store chains have. By having lean inventory in a style they don’t have to look at huge markdowns! Keep new styles coming and your customer will keep coming back!

The Zara Empire will include home furnishings plus other subsidiaries. This organization is still growing and will be opening up many new stores in Manhattan alone! Their formula is so simple that one would think the other struggling chains would try to imitate. But they merchandise narrow and deep which if the customer doesn’t want, you are stuck!

Retail is not easy and especially now with the avalanche of the Internet. Why buy anything when you know it will be on sale! But that’s why The Zara Empire works! If you don’t get it now it will be gone! There is no waiting time!

And may I add, Zaras gives you good quality that is superior to their competitors like Forever 21, H&M to name a few!

Gap Is Looking Good

imageGap Is Looking Good in their new ad campaign! Gone are the celebrities and it’s the real beautiful people that are wanting you to stop and admire!

Wow! The Gap ad campaign looks terrific! I always pop into Gap for a few things but never really put it on my fashion list! Surprisingly I do have many pairs of their jeans that I like just as much as my Rag and Bone numbers!

Gap Is Looking Good and I want to see more! The whole campaign brings us back to the basics with affordable prices. And the presentation is exactly what Gap needed! Enough of trying to be the place for trendy. Stick with what we all know you for! Good basics at affordable prices!

The ads show models who are so captivating that you stop to really look and study! Every ad actually had me wanting something! The styling was so realistic that you could just take the look and make it your own!

I’m loving the jeans! And the sweatshirts!And the jackets! Hopefully the windows will reflect this stunning ad campaign!

When I read about the decline of companies such as J Crew and Abercrombie I just want to yell ” Go back to who you were!” There are some brands that struggle to keep their identity and are all over the place. But when you have really made your mark then stick with it! Sure we have a fickle fashion market but I believe evolving is the answer while you stay true to your customer base. The Gap Is Looking Good!

Beauty/ Fashion Update

imageMy Beauty/ Fashion Update has some good stuff to report! Well, probably only to a select few!

So Kylie Jenner with her blown out lips loves MAC spice lipliner! She loves it so much that her followers are buying up this lipliner so most stores are sold out!! A seventeen year old phenomena that I still don’t get!

Taylor Swift is designing her own clothing line. I can close my eyes and see cropped tops with skater skirts! Guess this collection won’t include me!

Only Lady GaGa could wear eyebrow jewelry! The latest is crystal brows on this diva who I love! There’s something about her personality that says wear what you love and who cares!

Beauty/Fashion Update is loving the alphabet rings by Chloe. They should be available by end of July and I still don’t know the price of these stunning  gold rings! I even can see a name being spelled out! They are so classy!

Rihanna has a new scent that will be on the market for everyone to judge. The packaging looks very poufy girly so I’m thinking it will smell like a wonderful bouquet! But who knows with Rihanna who is always full of surprises.

And poor Abercrombie still has surplus stock! They want to relaunch, lower prices, new image. But if their back to school sales can’t perform than I don’t see a survival for this company! However I do love their sweatshirts and pants! Maybe I’ll help out!

My last Beauty/ Fashion Update has to mention the Vogue shoot of Kim Kardashian without makeup. Most of the pictures show her covering her face! I guess this was not her comfort zone!!