Fall 2015 Accessories

imageFall 2015 Accessories are good! A few may be a little zany but maybe in moderation could be actually wearable!

I’m really liking the handles on bags so you can actually get a grip on them! They resembled mini Louis Vuitton carry cases! Most of the bags with this detail also sported a shoulder strap. In fact the Louis Vuitton bag is a winner!

The big tote is a must for Fall 2015 Accessory. Chanel has a great soft hobo bag. I also like Calvin Klein black with a heavy matching chain for the shoulder strap.

Stella McCartney showed the looped long pearls on her models that I loved! You make a choker first then tie a knot to have a hanging loop! A definite Fall 2015 Accessory to copy!

Now Givenchy had the models adorned in face jewels! Rings in noses, pearls on cheeks,earrings on top of earrings! A little much but maybe just one piece could make a statement without being stared at!

The best Fall 2015  Accessory are the return of the lug soles. This was not one of my favorites from yesteryear but Alexander Wang has nailed it with his platforms. And Balenciaga lug soled boots look great!

Speaking of boots, look for the pony skinned ones from Derek Lam and the tall shearling lined ones from Coach that give you that soft  cuddly feeling. Even Gucci lined their loafers in fur !

And brooches are appearing on everything from lapels to hats! They just add that extra little touch that has been so forgotten! I bet swap meets would be a good place to start your collection for Fall!

Fall 2015 Accessories can change a basic black anything by just pinning on that new brooch. And that twisted pearl choker is a must! I’m still in question about the face jewels!!

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