Fashion At The Conventions

Fashion At The Conventions has my attention.

Let me start with Melania Trump in her white sheath dress with large bell sleeves! She is absolutely beautiful and was a showstopper! The dress came from a Serbian designer and cost about $3000 on Net A Porter. But did I think she looked like the image of a First Lady? My answer is no but maybe I’m swayed because I’ve seen her past nearly naked modeling shots! The one in the boots, bare assed pointing a gun can not be forgotten!!

Now to Ivanka who is a designer herself so wearing the $138 pale pink sheath dress was a real advertising ploy but she looked stunning! However she will always be the rich girl who never had to struggle!!

But now to Michelle Obama who just wowed me! She wore a bright blue cap sleeve dress by an American designer. Everything about her was perfect! She looked like a First Lady I am proud of! Her freshness, realness, and winning smile is the woman I would love to know! The entire image combined with the best speech I can ever remember hearing reinforced why I love her!

Fashion At The Conventions had three beautiful women for us to look at. All looked great but for me it was Michelle Obama by a landslide! She just does t wear the clothes she makes them come alive! The blue dress was Michelle Obama! She owned it!!

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