About Jude

Lets find your identity! jude

The secret is simple… Discover your own style. Very few have been blessed with “style” as their natural attribute but it can be taught, discovered and mark who you are.

My rule is easy… Accept what you have and don’t envy what you don’t have!! Simple but so hard for most of us.

My years spent in beauty and total fitness has given me so much information that I want to share, teach, transform and make you the best you can be!!

My blogs will be informative but provocative, definitely opinionated  but direct, and I will name brands, post my dislikes alongside of my likes.

I was a stylist and personal shopper so wardrobe will definitely be shared.

All I need from you is your questions, problems, goals and maybe a photo.

Personal acquaintance will allow me to be your personal coach and help you to be fantastic!!

There is so much available to you. Hopefully I can help direct, steer and recommend  the best of the best !

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