Style And You

Let’s talk about style and you . “Style” is your distinctive appearance and you make it your own. Instead of looking at what you don’t have let’s praise your attributes and how to make them distinctive. There are 3 main areas that we integrate into the total picture and you.

Hair: How many really love what they’re born with ?? Certainly not meally wavy hair was definitely controlled by the weather!! And also activity! Swimming was the worst for me but not anymore because I discovered the “Brazilian”! Yes, know who you are going to, the formula used, and the experience of the operator but this has changed my life! I no longer ever think about my hair!! And color is revolutionary!! If you don’t want brown then try blonde but have an experienced person experiment on you so you don’t come out orange! Hair is so easy to transform that this should no longer present a problem. My close friends are hair stylists so if you’re confused just send a picture and we definitely can help!!

MacMakeupMakeup: I admit, I am a junkie! All my colors never change( pink gloss, bronzers, pinky blush) but I love buying the newest ! For me, I realized when I was modeling and broke, that just buying the new lipstick could make me happy and it kept me from torturing over the boots I wanted. Some women can change their look by just the red lipstick and feel comfortable in all their various faces. But my comfort zone can’t stand anything out of my zone so it’s always the same palette with just more eyes at night. My one rule to all over the age of 30 is do something!!

Comment: Makeup in your daily routine should be simple, fast and allow your own radiance to come through. Try the new formulations… The older you get the less you need!!

Makeup tip: my hair stylist Chelsea has gorgeous green eyes and luscious brown hair. Her eyes looked fantastic! Try these products from Mac: Indianwood for all over the lid, Sketch to line lid and for more definition Olie. I use the Sketch to draw a simple line and my blue eyes pop!! The color is a taupey/ purple and is really a universal shade.

doc4Wardrobe: Ask yourself do I need it? Will I wear it? How many pairs of shoes does one pair of feet really need? Temptation, state of mind , and unfulfilled beings will lead to unnecessary indulgence. My best friend for my depressed mood was a new pair of boots for my size 11 feet. I know I was blessed with these big feet because not everything is available so this is really a gift otherwise I know the rent wouldn’t have been paid. Wardrobe should be built on basics then your individuality is added with shoes, bag, jewelry etc. I was a stylist, designer, personal shopper for many so I definitely can help you develop your “look” and not over indulg

My wardrobe tip: Shop online !! My favorite sites are Haute and Shopbop. And shop the sales!! Find the designers you like and know their fit then wait for the sales!! Shoe sales are fabulous!

A wonderful site to visit is Polyvore. You will see new looks and be able to shop product.

Aging And You

imageLet’s talk about your stance on aging and you.

Again I have classified my women into 3 groups so find your group.

Group 1:

These women accept aging gracefully and are not into any surgery or injections. However skin care is still a must for all and should not be ignored. It’s the year 2014 and all the lines offered are good! Drugstore products have been researched to do exactly what the more expensive lines promote so don’t use money as an excuse!

Group 2:

These women walk by a mirror 10 times, see what’s wrong and have to do something about it!! Yes, some things are pricey but these women will always find the means. The pre-caution is don’t overdo!

Group 3:

These women are the majority. They want to improve but use excuses like ” my husband says I look fine, ooh it’s going to hurt, too expensive, and what if I don’t like it!! My sound advice on this one is “don’t ask anyone but yourself and do what’s going to make you happy!”

There are so many new procedures that will definitely turn back time. The injectibles like  Juviderm and Restilane, the numerous laser techniques for skin tightening and skin resurfacing, and Botox for wrinkles. The important thing is to go to a good doctor that you have researched.

Plastic Surgery is another option but don’t be too hasty. I suggest investigating the non- invasive treatments first before going under the knife. I’ve seen injectibles work on the bags under the eyes, liposuction and skin tightening for the sagging jawline, and Voluma to add the lost volume to the cheeks which in turn reduces the droopy saggy look. Read up on your options first.

Aging and you is personal and what you see yourself as and what is going to make you happy.  You can’t be what you were but you can be the best you can be today .


I have categorized women into 3 style groups.


AdventuresomeBagAdventuresomeShoeMy adventursome woman loves to change her look, loves to play with makeup and hair, and her wardrobe spans many moods. The style group of famous Adventuresome women are Cher, Byonce, Jennifer Lopez. These women know how to do it, have their own sense of identity and get it right!! Caution: Know when you’ve gone too far! Remember less is more! ClassicBagClassicShoeThe style group of my  Classic woman has her look and resists change that goes out of her comfort zone. What you see is what you get.. no fancy hairdos, makeup usually falls into a routine and wardrobe is centered around the basics. They know their style. Famous Classic women are Katherine Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, Lauren Bacall. Caution: you can be “time-warped”! It’s time to change the hair and bury your favorite oldies! ContemporaryBagContemporaryShoeMy Contemporary woman is the majority. Her style group follow trends, opinions and hasn’t really  found her style. Their closet has different wardrobes for their different roles.  She will try new things but won’t keep the look for long since she is still seeking. Examples are mostly those  you know so don’t feel alone. Caution: They can go into the bathroom Saturday night and come out looking fabulous but come Sunday and the frump appears . My makeup tip for all: Do something! I always wear my tinted moisturizer with bronzer and lipgloss to the gym! Why?? Because I have to look at myself! If your in your twenties then natural can be applauded but past that I say use that lip balm and whatever else helps.