Poor Loser Bernie

Poor Loser Bernie! Let’s have a good Democratic Convention without you crying!

Bernie Sanders is demanding that the Democratic chairman step down after emails were actually leaked by Russians! They word is that this info was for the benefit of the Republicans and exposed the night before the Convention! A coincidence or a Trump plot!

So now Bernie Sanders is claiming that Debby Wasserman Schultz be removed because emails  indicated the favoritism towards Hillary! Bernie Stop being the Sore Loser and show unity!!

Jeff Weaverjust annoys me beyond! He is always finding an argument for Bernie’s lost campaign! It’s over Jeff so forget your arguments and wrap it up!!

When Hillary lost to Barack in 2008 she accepted her loss with class and dignity! I remember her speech to her constituents to unite behind her opponent and it was her positive remarks that made the transition so much easier for the die hards who loved her! Well now it’s time for Bernie to stop his bellyaching and do the same!

When Bernie Sanders came on to the scene he didn’t present himself as the Independent nominee but suddenly became a Democrat for his own campaign to run in! He needed the backing, the identification and yes the strength of the party! In reality Sanders is a Socialist even though he renamed himself as a Democratic Socialist! What in the world is that?? ┬áIn my language he’s a Socialust who used the Democratic ticket!!

So PoorLoser Bernie stop crying and get behind your opponent! The race for you is over! And when you do leave please take Jeff Weaver so I don’t have to listen to him any more!!

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