Ryan Seacrest Skincare

imageRyan Seacrest Skincare line will be happening!

It’s not enough that Ryan Seacrest is involved in practically every show I watch but now he’s collaborating with the famous Harold Lancer who is the noted celebrity dermatologist in Beverly Hills! I used to go to Dr Lancer and he does deserve his recognition. However, the price tag I would pay for each visit was just a little ¬†pricey! Somehow I would rack up $1800 for injections that I could have done for much less! But in saying that, I still recommend him because the man is good! He’s the doctor to the Kardashians and Ryan Seacrest so he probably doesn’t even know that I’m missing!

The Skincare line will be targeted for men. Now what’s going to be different that men can’t find now, I don’t have any idea! Maybe a Tanner that will firm and tighten at the same time! Or a toner that irons out all the wrinkles around the eyes! And a magical lotion that makes the sagging jowls disappear?!

My guess is that all the Ryan Seacrest Skincare line will need is his name, his face and the collaboration with Harold Lancer! And may I also add a hefty price tag so guys will think they are getting the magic potions! Why not? Women pay hundreds for that jar of caviar or gold!!!

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