Thank You Bernie

Thank You Bernie is my message!

Yesterday was a roller coaster ride at the Democratic Convention! I started out feeling complete chaos and wanted Bernie Sanders to just disappear! The emails that were hacked nailed Debby Wasserman Shultz for prejudice remarks about him so she had to resign! Can you believe the opening day and Debby is out! The floor was in complete hysteria! But then something magical happened!

The speech by the avid Bernie supporter Sara Silverman was just what we needed! At one point she told her supporters to stop being ridiculous! Corey Booker gave the most inspiring awesome speech that definitely showed me he was someone to watch! But the one that stole the show was Michelle Obama! What a First Lady! She delivered the most memorable speech I ever heard and I know the Republicabs were taking notes!

Elizabeth Warren is always terrific! I love this woman! But now came the clincher Bernie Sanders! Wow! Thank You Bernie! Yesterday I could t stand you another day but last night you hit the mark!! Your message was right on to your supporters! You can stay home and let Trump win or vote for Hillary and we can carry out our revolution!! His speech was the turning point for the Democratic Convention!!

Today is another day but I feel so much better!! The polls show 90% of Sanders supporters are with Hillary! We can do this in November!! Thank You Bernie!! And I’m so sorry for what I wrote about you yesterday!!!

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