Trump Loves Russia

Trump Loves Russia is my headline! And what a headline it is!

Trump has a new alliance in his campaign and that’s with Russia! He wants Russia to expose Hillary’s emails and really be part of his political campaign! Trump and Putin should be his ticket! Two egomaniacs that you know will eventually want to kill each other!

When Trump chants to his uneducated blue collar supporters that he will bring jobs back do they ever consider they will be working for $7.00 an hour or less because he also wants states to have the authority to dictate the rate! You see blindsided people in order to bring these jobs back he has to compete with China and maybe the workers there get $1.00 a day! New jobs and redirection in training is the answer! We can’t go back if you want the clothes from Taget or Walmarts at prices only cheap labor can produce! Think about this and listen to what he’s telling you!!

Trump Loves Russia! Can you imagine Putin sitting across from Melania with the visual image of her in his mind wearing the boots, bare assed and pointing the gun? This is the guy who posts pictures of himself riding horseback with no shirt on!

Every day the news gets Trump in the headlines! My plea is please ignore him! This thin skinned guy cannot stand being ignored! Can you imagine the next thing out of his mouth to top Russia??? And may I add he doesn’t go near England or Germany because these strong women will lead him to slaughter!!

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