Vetements is a company out of Paris that needs mention!

The hoodie by Vetements sells for over $700 and the sweatpants in the same price range. When you go on line they are usually sold out! The oversized hoodie sells for over $1200! So I ask , would you pay that much money for a hoodie and some sweat pants? Well apparently the answer is yes!

I just saw a photo of Selena Gomez in her Vetements sweat outfit! I’m sure the price tags meant nothing to her! But honestly I have to admit that I would definitely buy the hoodie! The whole ensemble reminds me of the bad Juicy track suit look but the hoodie with my Nike work out tights could be very cool!

Vetements has a great streetwear look! The shirts sell for around $700 but have that extra touch that remind me of Demeulemeester fashion. And what I like about the collection is that it’s what I would call basic! You live in these things so why not invest!

But now to the black flame booties! Somehow these just threw me but I get it! Wearing your Vetements leather jacket or hoodie may need just a little surprise so therefore the flame boots! You have to see them!!

I loved the slogan sweatshirts that had the broad shoulders and were worn with long maxi sweatshirt skirts! The slogans get a little racy but cool for the streetwear fans! The whole collection had that Alexander Wang attitude! A little shock to get your attention but so cool to wear! Whether you sport a leather jacket, long coat, great hoodie or layer everything it all works! I am a fan of Vetements!!

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